Weekly Oracle Guidance for April 18, 2021

I am using a variation of The Shamanic Cosmology Spread in order to tap into the energy of the week to see how we can be in alignment with our highest good.

What could have a negative impact on us this week?

For this question, we get the card, Hunter of Mysteries. The Hunter of Mysteries wants us to be careful of feeling disconnected from life and each other. Life is mysterious, and some things are hidden from us, but they are not hidden from Spirit, who is the source of all life.

How should/can we navigate through it?

The Shaman of Birth can help us get through this feeling of disconnectedness. This shaman reminds us that Spirit is the source of all things, is in all things, and connects us all. Spirit not only guides souls into being but also helps with the birth of ideas, beliefs, wisdom and change.

How can we be in alignment with our highest good this week?

The Dancer of Friendship states that we are not alone on this earthly plane nor are we an island unto ourselves. Partnering with others (friendship, romantic, business, etc.) is an essential part of life. If you’ve been feeling disconnected from your friends, reach out to them and rebuild that connection. With friends, we are supported, nurtured and strengthened on our journey.

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