Weekly Oracle Guidance for April 25, 2021

For this week’s oracle guidance, I am using a combination of three decks; The Wild Unknown Tarot, The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit and The Wild Unknown Archetypes.

What broken piece of ourselves needs healing this week?

In the Lower World position (unconscious mind), the animal spirit that appeared was the Camel. When facing excess heat, the Camel is able to find nourishment within itself in order to keep cool and stay in balance. This is the Camel’s way of successfully blending the opposing elements of fire and water. Spirit is making us aware that we could be facing some challenges this week. Because of this, we need to be aware of any excess fire within us that could be throwing us off balance. We need to take responsibility for how we react to challenging situations, but due to an imbalance, it may be somewhat difficult to bring calm and remain calm.

What spiritual wisdom does Spirit have for us this week?

In the Upper World position (the soul or higher self), the archetype of The Threshold appeared. Spirit wants us to know that we are at the cusp of becoming a new person, of going through a metamorphosis. This form of death and renewal will not be an easy one, but the transformation will surprise not only ourselves but our loved ones as well. A new reality is being birthed for each of us, so don’t be afraid to take the leap when Spirit calls.

How can we live out our soul’s purpose this week?

In the Middle World position (the conscious mind), the Temperance card appeared. The Temperance card is all about being in balance which harkens back to the first card in the Lower World position. In order to live out our soul’s purpose this week, we need to find that balance within and without. Just as the Camel is able to harmonize the opposing elements of fire and water, we ought to do the same. In layman’s terms, we should avoid excess in every aspect of our lives. All things in moderation.

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