Weekly Oracle Guidance for August 1, 2021

For this week, I am using The Sacred Forest Oracle by Denise Linn.

East (Air) – What do we need to search for or explore this week?

Our card is Foggy Bog. We need to explore being quiet and still. The way forward is currently not clear. What we see may not be as it appears. We must be still and wait until the fog lifts before taking action.

South (Fire) – How can we grow this week?

Our card is Love. This card is a reminder to us that we are more than enough. Love is all around us if we open our hearts to receive it.

West (Water) – What are we gathering or harvesting this week?

Our card is Mystic Meadow. What we are gathering is nourishment from the wellspring inside of us. Mystic Meadow appears as a reminder to practice self-care. It is time to retreat, rest and relax. However, when the time is right, we must emerge from our solitude and share with others what we’ve learned.

North (Earth) – What do we need to repair or heal this week?

Our card is Dragon. We need to repair our attitude towards our inner power. We need to set ourselves free from those who try to usurp authority over us. What we are is not who they say we are. It is time to step into our power and take charge of our life. Within us dwells the strength and power to manifest the life we deserve.

The theme of this week’s reading is self-care. We need to release limiting beliefs, learn to love ourselves, and step into our power. We need to take the time for introspection this week to emerge ready for great things to come.

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