Weekly Oracle Guidance for August 22, 2021

For this week, I am using The Spirit Animal Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid and Jena DellaGrottaglia.

East (Air) – What do we need to search for or explore this week?

Our card is Buffalo Spirit. We are encouraged to seek out the abundant gifts available to us. The universe provides, and there is more than enough.

South (Fire) – How can we grow this week?

Our card is Fox Spirit. We must be able to adapt and move quickly. Our circumstances can change suddenly, and we must not hesitate to take action or make a swift judgment. Guided by Spirit, our cleverness will serve us well.

West (Water) – What are we gathering or harvesting this week?

Our card is Bobcat Spirit. We must harvest an attitude of acceptance. We need to accept that life is full of mysteries that can’t be explained or understood through the power of intellect. Spirit encourages us to trust in the Great Mystery. For when we do so, the universe will reveal its secrets through our experiences.

North (Earth) – What do we need to repair or heal this week?

Our card is Parrot Spirit. We need to heal the way we think and speak. Words have power. If we speak negatively or think negatively, then we receive what we give out. Instead, we need to speak words of healing and encouragement, not just to ourselves but to others. The old childhood rhyme, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me,” is a lie. Both can hurt just the same. Words not only can hurt you and others, but they can also kill. Speaking hurtful words can kill dreams, desires, and hope. Hurtful words can become belief systems. So instead, speak words of healing, love, and light.

The theme for the week is to weed out our old belief systems. Since we are on a different spiritual path, those old stories no longer serve our highest good. We need to speak differently and behave differently. We are co-creators with Spirit, and we have the power to live the magic driven life.

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