Weekly Oracle Guidance for August 8, 2021

For this week, I am using A Yogic Path by Sahara Rose.

East (Air) – What do we need to search for or explore this week?

Our card is Svadhaya. What we need to explore this week is our self (self-study). Self-study is not something we often do. Inside each of us is a wealth of wisdom and emotion that needs exploring. It is when we understand ourselves deeply that we began to understand others.

South (Fire) – How can we grow this week?

Our card is Parvati. We must be committed to self-transformation and continue on the journey toward our higher selves.

West (Water) – What are we gathering or harvesting this week?

Our card is Ahimsa. We should harvest an attitude of positivity. The way we think affects the way we act, which in turn affects our quality of life. We need to actively change our inner language to radiate compassion, joy, and peace. What we show externally reflects what is in us internally.

North (Earth) – What do we need to repair or heal this week?

Our card is Pratyahara. We have to heal the need to hold onto attachments that do not serve our highest good. They may be social media addiction, toxic relationships, or something less obvious. If we spend some quality time meditating, what we need to let go of will come to the surface.

The theme of this week’s reading is self-study. There is the need to go deep within to get at the core of our beliefs, old stories, and attachments. Once we transform our inner selves, our outer selves will fall in line.

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