Weekly Oracle Guidance for July 11, 2021

The deck I am using for this week’s energy reading is The Shamans Oracle by John Matthews and Wil Kinghan.

Our first card in the Lower World position is the Shaman of Birth. This week we may feel inadequate to birth the reality we desire. We may feel like it’s not worth it to pursue our dreams. Even if situations challenge our beliefs, we must not abandon our faith. Our connection to a divine source ensures our unborn dreams come to no harm.

Our third card in the Upper World position is the Spirit of Wisdom. Our life experience has helped us acquire wisdom. This wisdom goes beyond knowledge. She helps guide us to our higher purpose and helps us exercise sound judgment. As long as we allow her to be our guide, we can navigate any road we travel.

Our second card in the Middle World position is the Shaman of Reflections. The Shaman of Reflections invites us to observe the mirrored reflection. We must be challenged by what we see. It may be a person or situation we have hidden away. It is time to acknowledge the truth and face it so that we may grow from it.

We mustn’t let anything or anyone stand in the way of our dreams. Wisdom guides us, and we must allow her to show us the stuff we must eradicate. In so doing, we live out our soul’s purpose this week for the highest good of all.

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