Weekly Oracle Guidance for July 4, 2021

For this week’s oracle guidance, I am using The Mystical Shaman Oracle by Alberto Villoldo, Colette Baron-Reid, and Marcela Lobos.

Our first card for the week is Wild Woman in the Lower World position. In this position, the Wild Woman warns us of being trapped in obsessive thinking or behavior. We need to be aware of any imbalance this week and bring ourselves back into a state of flow.

In the Upper World position is The Seer. The Wisdom from above is a reminder that we are all seers. We embody truth, we seek truth, and we see reality as it truly is. The Seer encourages us to follow our intuition even when we seem to be going around in circles. We are where we need to be, and our vision is clear.

In the Middle World position is Flow. Just as oceans and rivers flow to the sea, we are all moving toward a destination. We must allow nature to take its course and trust the process.

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