Weekly Oracle Guidance for May 30, 2021

For this week’s oracle guidance, I am using The Witches’ Wisdom Tarot by Phyllis Curott and Danielle Barlow.

In the Lower World position, our card is Offering. The broken part of ourselves Spirit is communicating to us is we do not love deeply or show gratitude. We are all connected to one source – Mother Earth, but we’ve forgotten she is sacred, she is divine, and she is the sustainer of all life. Not only is she the sustainer of all life, but she is the Mother of us all. Instead of destroying Mother Earth, we need to take care of her and give gratitude for all of the blessings she continues to bestow upon us. If we love her as she has loved us, love will spread to all.

In the Upper World position, our card is the 8 of Fire. The wisdom from above is every day is a gift and a day of celebration. Like the baboons in the card, we should gladly greet the sun with each new day. We are given another opportunity to love, to learn, commune with friends and family, and co-create with Spirit. Moreover, it is an opportunity to experience magick and to commune with the divine.

In the Middle World position, our card is the 3 of Earth. To live out our highest purpose, Spirit is telling us we need to move out of our “me bubble”. When we do so, we will begin to experience the things we are not seeing. We need to return back to the old ways – communing with nature. When we put away distractions, rebuild a relationship with nature and connect with her, we will begin to feel whole – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

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