Weekly Oracle Guidance for May 9, 2021

For this week’s oracle guidance, I am doing a simple three card spread using the Elemental Power Tarot by Melinda Lee Holm.

What path should we take this week?

The first card pull is the 3 of swords. The number three in numerology means growth. If you’ve been wanting to learn something new or pick up a new book you’ve been wanting to read, then Spirit is telling us that this week is a good week to expand our minds. Turn off all the external distractions, find a quiet corner and allow yourself to become immersed in a new book or learn a new skill, language, etc.

What crosses it or could become an obstacle?

The second card pull is the 8 of cups. Eight in numerology means mastery. Spirit is telling us that we need to be careful of our emotional state. When our emotions are not stable, it can be pretty difficult to have complete focus. Mastery in this sense doesn’t mean that we have complete control, instead it means that we should strive to keep our emotional state in check. Remember to stop, take a minute and breath or take five minutes and meditate.

What is our next right action?

The third card pull is the Ace of Swords. This harkens back to the first card. Intuitively, you know that this is the right time to start that new course, learn a new language or read a new book. By doing so, it could pave the way for new opportunities to present themselves.

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