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Welcome to Green Witch Tarot (GWT), a resource for new and seasoned practitioners following the green path.

The author of the site is not wiccan and does not subscribe to a faith based path. Nevertheless, you can easily incorporate the info from this site into your faith based practice.

To help you navigate through GWT, below is a breakdown of how this site is structured.

The Blog

The blog features weekly forecasts as well as articles which go deeper into topics of tarot and the green path.

The Wheel of the Year (coming soon)

Go on a year long meditative journey through the seasonal shift on The Wheel of the Year using different tarot and/or oracle decks.

Weekly Guidances

Weekly Guidances are not predictive but instead they are prescriptive. They are a guide to help us tap into the overall energy of the week as it falls within the wheel of the year as well as help keep us in alignment with our highest good or highest purpose. Feel free to pull a card(s) in addition for a more personal connection with the guidance. Furthermore, follow GWT’s Instagram account for Daily Oracle Guidance & Meditations as they will relate back to the Weekly Guidance.

Intuitive Tarot (coming soon)

If you desire to read tarot more intuitively, then the Intuitive Tarot course is the place for you to start.