Weekly Oracle Guidance for June 20, 2021

For this week’s oracle guidance, I am using the The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck by Kim Krans.

Our theme for the week is Camel Spirit. Camel Spirit is calling us to abandon the known. We need not be afraid to traverse the desert. We have everything we need to protect and nourish us along the journey. Trust in Spirit.

As we traverse the unknown, Fox Spirit encourages us to be keen observers, seizing opportunities and gaining knowledge along the way. Every day brings new opportunities, and they wait for no one. We need only be aware and brave enough to seize them.

Fire Ant Spirit reminds us that no burden is too strong to bear and that we are never alone. We will face struggles along the way – this is the wheel of life. Nevertheless, we mustn’t forget to turn to Spirit. Spirit is always there to guide, comfort, and give strength to the weary.

Daily Guidance & Meditations:


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