A Meditation on the Nature Card – The Green Witch Tarot

The Nature card in The Green Witch Tarot is equivalent to the Devil card in the traditional RWS.

At first glance, you notice that the Nature card is very dark and the scene takes place at night. As you bring the card closer to your eyes, you get a better sense of what’s happening. There is a dark figure who doesn’t look like the typical Devil as portrayed by popular society. You almost don’t recognize him, yet there is still something menacing about him.

This dark figure is setting a trap, but an onlooking bear is not easily fooled. Then off in the distance is a group of fawns, dancing away in a soft glow of light surrounding them.

Sometimes you may find yourself engulfed in the thick, deep darkness or may be going through what St. John of the Cross calls, The Dark Night of the Soul. The dark night of the soul is that spiritual turmoil you go through when you find it difficult to feel or find a connection with the divine that you usually have a connection with.

You hear, “you are nothing,” “there is no hope,” or “it will never work out.” The noises are so loud, you may begin to start believing that it’s true. These are all lies, and as the bear, you must recognized them for what they are. They are traps being set to ensnare your mind and keep you from attaining your higher self.

The darkness you feel may last for a few days or maybe for a few weeks. But, behold, in that thick, deep darkness, there is a tiny, shimmering light of hope. You must look for it, reach out to it, and allow it to grow brighter and brighter until that darkness is dispelled.


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