Weekly Oracle Guidance for November 14, 2021

Our theme for the week is Dragon Spirit. We are encouraged to rid ourselves of limiting beliefs and fear of being judged that may hinder us from exercising our power. Within each of us dwells the power to manifest the life we want and desire. We must speak our truth and regain authority over our lives.

The next card that builds on the theme is Mystic Meadow. Once we regain authority over our lives, we make our needs a priority. We must practice self-care and protect ourselves from negative thoughts and influences. Mindfulness, candle rituals, or bath rituals are all self-care options that can help keep us positive.

Our last card that builds on the theme for the week is Dragonfly Spirit. We have permission to change and to do it as often as we like. It is ok to put away old traditions and create new ones that align with our beliefs. It is time to be careful, wild, and unpredictable. Spirit has our back!

Daily Guidance & Meditations:


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