Weekly Oracle Guidance for September 26, 2021

For this week, I am using The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit by Kim Krans.

Our first card in the lower world position is the Fire Ant. We must be aware of being argumentative for argumentative sake. We must not let our inner fire burn too hot. It is better to walk away from situations instead of letting them explode.

Our third card in the upper world position is the Crocodile. As we enter the dark half of the year, Crocodile encourages us to withdraw and turn inward. This time of year is a time for introspection and slowing down. We must build up our energy and be ready for when the light returns.

Our second card in the middle world position is the Camel. To live out our life’s purpose this week, we must first realize we have everything we need. We have Spirit, and we have the spirits of place, all contributing to our spiritual needs. We need only be open to them and their presence.

The theme for the week is abundant resources. We must realize how blessed we are to have easy access to resources that surround us every day. Spirits are here to guide us, nature is abundant, and there is enough for all.

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