Weekly Oracle Guidance for September 19, 2021

For this week, I am using The Witches Wisdom Tarot by Phyllis Curott and Danielle Barlow.

East (Air) – How might our thinking be transformed this week?

Our card is the 8 of Air. To be honest with ourselves about what we want, we need clarity. We need to see our situation from a higher vantage point. When we do so, we will make the best choices.

South (Fire) – What action should we take this week?

Our card is the 9 of Fire. We need to limit our consumption. We need to ask ourselves, “do I need all that I have; does it satisfy me?” We must live under nature’s law of abundance, “Take no more than you need, give back in kind, and there will always be enough for everyone.”

West (Water) – How can we support our emotional self this week?

Our card is the Ace of Fire. We can support our emotional self this week by seeking out a community. Everything has a spirit, and we are all one. We are all connected to the same source or Spirit. We need to reestablish our connection with each other and with nature.

North (Earth) – What can we do to be grounded and connected this week?

Our card is the 5 of Earth. We need to pay attention to what we are consuming and why. We must express gratitude for the gifts that Mother Earth has given us and give back in kind.

The theme for the week is to reduce unnecessary consumption. Mother earth provides us with all we need. We need to be aware of how we consume her resources. Take no more than what you need, for there is enough for all.

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