Weekly Oracle Guidance for August 29, 2021

For this week, I am using the Believe In Your Own Magic oracle deck by Amanda Lovelace and Janaina Medeiros.

East (Air) – What do we need to search for or explore this week?

Our card is the Tower. For weeks now, Spirit has been encouraging us to take time for ourselves and do self-care. We need to prepare for the dark half of the year that is vastly approaching. Now is the time to meditate, go deep within and prepare ourselves for what is to come.

South (Fire) – How can we grow this week?

Our card is Raindrops. We all have reasons to keep our guard up. Once we’ve felt betrayed, it is natural to withdraw. However, we are not to stay withdrawn forever. We must get back out there and enjoy the rain.

West (Water) – What are we gathering or harvesting this week?

Our card is the Sword. What we are harvesting this week is change. We should not be afraid to leap – we must trust our intuition. We should accept that new job if we feel the pull or update our appearance regardless of popular opinion. Whatever we do, we should do it with confidence.

North (Earth) – What do we need to repair or heal this week?

Our card is Bitch-Fire. What we need to heal this week is passivity. Don’t allow people to get away with their bad behavior and their bigotry. There are times when we need to keep quiet. But bitch, this is not that kind of week. Let them have it – they need to hear it.

The theme for the week is preparedness. We need to take the time and mentally prepare for the upcoming dark half of the year. It will be a time of rest and rejuvenation from the rough year we’ve had. Go into the dark and prepare to be reborn with the new light.

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