Weekly Oracle Guidance for May 2, 2021

I’ve consulted the I Ching via the Tao Oracle as to how can we stay in alignment with our highest good this week.

Our first hexagram is #19 (Approach), which represents our present situation. Spirit is bringing to our attention that we will be exalted to greatness. This greatness means that each of us is being prepared for a leadership role or being prepared for advancement in the leadership role we currently occupy. However, it begs the question, how will you lead? One of the greatest leaders who ever walked the earth was a servant to all. You cannot lead well unless you are also willing to serve alongside the ones who are under you. Success as a leader is certain as long as we persevere and lead well. Furthermore, we need to be leaders that people will want to follow and/or emulate. But a word of caution; if we do not lead well and treat people well, then it will be taken from us. Just as we’ve been exalted, we can also be made low.

Along with our first hexagram, we have a couple of changing lines:

Fourth Six
It is necessary to be gentle but firm with yourself in times of abundance. Like a kid with a pocket full of coins in the candy store, it might be tempting to gorge on sweets until all you’ve got to show for it is a bellyache and empty pockets. The wise child uses these times to [a] better advantage by looking for a place to invest the jingle where it’s more likely to lead to the realization of a heartfelt dream.

Fifth Six
If you are in a position of leadership or authority, a time of Approach offers a unique opportunity to share your abundance with others. This might take the form of initiating a new project and empowering others to grow into taking responsibility for executing it. Or the current situation might offer the special joy of passing on the benefits of your own experience to a truly receptive audience. The unexpected bonus is that to share is always to make space for receiving even more.

Our second hexagram is #58 (The Joyous), which represents our outcome. Joy is an outward expression of a free spirit, which bubbles up from within and then passed on to others. This joy can only be seen and experienced if we lead well. If we do not lead well, we shouldn’t be surprised by the lack of joy in the people we oversee. Joy is contagious because it is felt; it is energy. Positive energy begets positive energy. Spirit wants us to lead with joyous hearts, so that joy may spread onto others and continue to spread out into the world.

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