Weekly Oracle Guidance for October 24, 2021

This week, I am using The Mystical Shaman oracle by Alberto Villoldo, Colette Baron-Reid, Marcela Lobos and Jena DellaGrottaglia.

Our card in the lower world position is Pachamama. We must relinquish the belief that we have been cast out of a garden. Mother Earth wants us to rejoice in her gifts that are available to all.

Our card in the upper world position is The Ghost Dance. Spirit is encouraging us to honor and remember our ancestors, especially when Samhain arrives. They paved the way for us, and when they are revered, we bring harmony to ourselves. We must spend some time this week at our sacred spaces, light a candle for them, and remember the wisdom they have imparted to us.

Our card in the middle world position is The Andean Cross. This card announces a start to a great journey, one in which we should not be afraid to travel. Don’t try to make sense of it, but instead, take that leap of faith and respond with a resounding yes.

The theme for this week is remembrance. We must remember that we are here, experiencing the blessings of life because of those who paved the way. Our ancestors are not dead, but very much alive, living in, around, and through us.

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